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Amnesty Extension

Last call for sg1_smooch amnesty fics!

The amnesty was supposed to close on Friday, but I know a couple of people said they were working on things and haven't posted yet, so I'm going to leave it open until tomorrow morning, Eastern. You have a few more hours if you're nearly done with anything.


SG1 Smooch Amnesty

The sg1_smooch amnesty is now open! I'm going to match up with sga_smooch and keep it open until the 15th. 'Cause more time for kisses is always a good thing, right?


SG1 Smooch is Closed!

The current round of sg1_smooch is now closed. We'll open for a forty-eight hour amnesty from June 8th to 10th in case anyone started something they didn't have time to finish. And we'll be back again in August.


SG1 Smooch is Open!

That's right! sg1_smooch is open for another round of kissing-related fanworks! Kisses of all types are welcome. The full rules can be found in the profile.

The kissing fest runs from May 6th to May 20th. And don't forget our sister comm, sga_smooch!

If you're short on inspiration or hoping someone else will write your ideas, stop by our prompt post.


End of Amnesty Period

The amnesty is now over! Thanks to everyone who participated! We'll be back in May for more kisses.


Based on a prompt by badgerling at comment_fic: Jack/Daniel, one year after coming back from the dead, Daniel finally gets the memory of their first kiss back. 950 words, PG-13.
read 'Timing Isn't Everything'Collapse )

SG1_Smooch Amnesty

I never officially declared this round over, but it was--on the 14th--and now we're into the amnesty. If you planned to post and never did, you have from now until Sunday to get your kisses in!

If you're looking for inspiration, feel free to check the prompt post!


Title: Candy Hearts and Flowers
Author: virkatjol
Rating: PG
Summary: Vala wants a legit taste of Valentine's Day.
Disclaimer: Not mine.

A/N: For dizzydame HAPPY VALENTINES DAY BB!!!!



After posting it first to the wrong community ... *headdesk* Here's my Valentine's Day kiss for Jack and Daniel. *g*

Title: My Meddlesome Me
Author: Antares
Pairing: Jack/Daniel
Rating: PG
Words: 4678
Beta: Many, many thanks to KJ who made the story so much better. All remaining mistakes are mine. *g*

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My Meddlesome MeCollapse )

(Credits for the header: The screenshots are from the MGM site. Unfortunately, I can't remember where I found the Valentine's texture)

Kissing Fest Reminder!

Tomorrow's the last day for kisses! Well, until the amnesty. Or the next round. But this round has been very quiet, so if you're thinking of posting, please go ahead1

Also, theeverdream made us some banners! I'll put up 'em again in a proper promo post with code and all that when the next round begins, but for now, here's a sample. (Also, if anyone feels moved to make a community icon, please do!)

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